On Granite Tors

To stand aloft a mighty eminence, Command of stature and of height The strength defined in graniteHewn by fire Of feldspar, quartz and mica drawn,Defining presence throughTowering walls of rock; Those Tors,with magnificence From ancient Crucibles were formedResplendent of refiner’s fire To forge the views of upland ridge; From whence deep wooded valleys Plunge toContinue reading “On Granite Tors”

Darkness to Light

The haunting melodic sound of A canticle sungNotes Travel across the waves of air Stirring memoriesPermeating like water Drip through the soulWith the freshness Of youth Gone are the days of Choral songBlown out like a match To years pastWhat freedoms lostAmidst pursuit to contain? To survive in the darknessWe tread through the nightIncandescence isContinue reading “Darkness to Light”

Soar on Eagle’s Wing

Soar on the eagle’s wing Take flight To where all freedom’s won Where those winged squadronsOf the skyIn abeyance keep all enemies aloftHold fast to the things of truthAnd steer a pathNavigate by stars that trace in threads across the broken skiesBehold the beauty shown in Ribbons of effervescent lightColours move in flowing equilibrium JourneyContinue reading “Soar on Eagle’s Wing”

Through Lent in Pandemic

In getting things wrong,In getting things right,We are changed and transformed;We are not who we wereTwelve months past,We have changed;He has changed us;We walk not aloneCast like boats adrift;Our stories His story.His presenceIn our presenceUnderpinningThe narrative, Affirming relationships One to anotherAt one with HimFor our journeyIs His journey.

Squally March Afternoon

A rush of air sucks breathFrom the lungsThe stride shortens Head lowers I dig deepPeppered by bullets Of shrapnel as hailStings the faceAnd skimsThe tops of the hedgesAnd turn intoThe sunken lane Where primroses hide Like Porcelain tea cupsOn rattling shelvesAnd acid celandineStands askewWith bent petals Made ragged by last night’s Storm Not yet spentVioletsContinue reading “Squally March Afternoon”

We Were Warned

Hail ricochets the windowWith trembling and vibration, Coursing through the bed frameLike a road worker’s drill;The storm pursues its path,Relentless as its intent;We were warned The forecast said;As in the darknessSpring is torn from its bedSap is centrifuged in stemsAnchored roots are tested;The ash will give up branchesOf buds which will never openTo be repurposedContinue reading “We Were Warned”


Life’s juxtaposition Units lacking alignment We move in concentric circlesFollowing circadian rhythmOr randomly stake position; Do we strive to find common ground Security in similarity Or defined by individuality?Free radicles are we who find our way through choice I trace the rainbow through the rain The drops which slip down the glass I move throughContinue reading “Composition”