February Mist

When fog hangs over us , as so often it does on the 300 ft contour , why are we always surprised to find a different day as we drop down into the valley? Entrenched, enshroudedIn mist so thick The sun,obscured devoid of lightDarkened boughs hang lowUnder the rain -filled cloudLanes stain redAs mud leachesAndContinue reading “February Mist”

Storm 3

The four winds blow, Mustering yet more strengthIn rallying war cry Powerful and StrongSweeping over bent grassCombing and creasing the hillInto ripples of spun icing; Trees are rocked and spun in Forceful gyrations prizing Naked branches apart.Building and retreating in monumental fashionRelentless in accomplishment.Refusing to abate.All through the nightTo the cold blue-greyAnd a view.debris castContinue reading “Storm 3”

Storm through the Night

All through the night – relentless and totally dark. Our 375 year house sits on a high ridge and it does feel like we are sometimes under siege . A gusting windExhales in bursts The rain Like knives spears the darkRicochets off ancient walls.To the keeper of the keys. The pulsating nightDrinks in thirstThe slatesVibrateContinue reading “Storm through the Night”

Early Run – observations

SilhouettesAcross a pinkish glow Gulls their silent span Mist- a crease to top The new -ploughed fieldsSculpted,the moorland land Ribbons of white in reconfigured contours Smoothing the valley floor,Steaming silage Sweet the smellHunger after more Gold of arrow,vapour trailWhat view is theirs? What view I have! A glimpse of home Midst rolling hills Nestled inContinue reading “Early Run – observations”

Wild Swimming x2 in two days

Cracking the mirrored surface Breaks the pictureTransiently; Breath sharpened,Mind focused- Drawn eye -level with nature Drawn to wonder To gaze upwards;The canopy of treesPlays The shaft of light;Damsel flies dance on the surfaceJewel dots of colour, Ripples in the water Pushing upstream For yardsSlow and rhythmic,Breath and stroke synchronisedUntil we are at one with natureMesmerisedContinue reading “Wild Swimming x2 in two days”