Giving again

wind spun waves crash and surgein perpetual rhythmpulling the pebblesfrom under the feetuntil we fall as the seventh wave towersand breaks into orangestained waterat the fringe the shorefrom soft sandstone cliffs etched and leachedafter stormsand we talk where flint glistensunder the sunand we finger the shapesas the wind snatchesour thingsthere is laughter againas the beachgivesContinue reading “Giving again”

The Last Breakfast

Breakfast outside RegardlessSummer as taut as An elastic bandFully stretchedEeking outThe last hoursAlready there is change;How we have grown to fear it.The threads ofHalcyon days by sea or river Begin to sever their clarityAs memories mergeAnd leaves fall to the ground;Expectations out-way the reality.There’s a slight chillIn the airA soughing onThe fingers of the windCloudsContinue reading “The Last Breakfast”

Little town by the Sea

Little town by the seaStretches the distance Of pebbles and sandstone Steep and precariousWhere once I walked;Now no more.Content though to watch Oblique wavesChurning the sand A roaring of the undertowPerpetual motion Pebble on pebble Sharp flint rounded and smoothedIn timeless pursuit Owning the beachTime ticks one hour or two My beach My memories HeldContinue reading “Little town by the Sea”