From the Forest Floor

Drawn on whispered breath Of windThe scent of pineOn upturned branchesCaressed by The sentimentOf a winter sunChanneling the Powder blueFunnel of sky.Spent leaves of AutumnSpun into Drifts ofGold carpetCrunchUnder soft feetStartling a wood pigeonBreaking the spell. When we escape the wind, mist and rain that we’ve had all day and venture North East 30 minsContinue reading “From the Forest Floor”

February Mist

When fog hangs over us , as so often it does on the 300 ft contour , why are we always surprised to find a different day as we drop down into the valley? Entrenched, enshroudedIn mist so thick The sun,obscured devoid of lightDarkened boughs hang lowUnder the rain -filled cloudLanes stain redAs mud leachesAndContinue reading “February Mist”

A World in Glass Houses – memory

They saw him coming, they did. Crunching through snow ,up the path to the front porch, the knock deliberate and hard. It was the first time a policemen had called. He was tall and direct:his presence accentuated by his helmet,which he did not remove. A truncheon hung low from his belt. The father looked concerned.TheContinue reading “A World in Glass Houses – memory”

Sonnet – For the Turn of the Year

For the turn of the year,the time is nigh;The earth on its axis will spin its course Amidst a storm deluge out of the sky;The raging flood rivers running full force.Sheep hug the hedge at the edge of the field;The gale so relentless,branches are bowed;Nature is silenced its armour to wield;The ground is sodden whereContinue reading “Sonnet – For the Turn of the Year”