Red Sky in Morning

The blush pink sky twists the forecastWrapping the clouds in ominous hueThere’s clarity in warningThe air is stillBirdsong is activeShrill cries of the blackbird cut throughToo sharp are the angulations of the fieldsCarving lines of clipped brown hedges with shards of goldAcid green are the fields Under the low winter sunTransient patterns About to changeContinue reading “Red Sky in Morning”

Through Darkened Days

Old trappings blow through the fingers of the wind Memories cling to bare branchesAs the ivy curls braidsAnd ties bows.Winter sharpens the breath of timeAnd the cold cuts stealGeese shout songs on the wing.Through darkened daysFoxed and etched Light is a silvered mirror-A reflection of who we areAnd who we are to be.The focus shiftsToContinue reading “Through Darkened Days”

There is Music

Poised and waiting the walls creakSqueezed by the cold The silence thickensWith anticipation.Cutting the voidPierces a hollow faltering sound,A fragile lineWhich grows like a flame,Wicking its way to the barrelled heights,Filling the spaceHarmonic and melodious.Where once there were manyJust two fill the quire.Something stirs.Are the walls awakened once again?Where are the ghosts?There is no whereContinue reading “There is Music”