Winter walk

A pale wintery light floods the bare furrowsAs earth drops her mantle Laid bare to North Eastern windsDark fingered branches Frame the scene And steal the unexpected glow Locking secrets beneath their bowsProtection offeredIn elemental fusionAs dry pine needles crunch beneath our bootsWe skim the forest edgeDeliberately To keep the light And security of forestContinue reading “Winter walk”

Driving Home

A marauding sky creeps over the skylineDramatising the moorland ridge;Silver- fingered branches Steal the showAs their naked forms Stand sentinel on the banks; The moss – green of the hollyBoasts proudly against theImpending darkness;Sharply focusedThe eye is drawnTo the silver lane snaking the homeward mile As the moor vanishesBlotted outAnd heavy drops Land on theContinue reading “Driving Home”

Beyond the Blackened Pane

Beyond the blackened pane Winter’s grip is strengthened Through fingered stealthAn iron clad armourDrawn across the landI feel its cunning-The fire burns more brightlyIn the grate,A deeper red To its core;The heaviness of nightIs carriedOnly the setting moon with painted halo Peeps between the fluted cloudsTo break the steel;And our starFrom black to indigo IntenselyContinue reading “Beyond the Blackened Pane”

Yuletide Sleep

When against earth a wooden heelHammers aloud as stone on steel; When the Yuletide days of lightSeem most indifferent to that of night;When the wind pounds, rattling the pane And the sky relinquishes its frozen rain; When stripped,the trees, seize ghostly formsStanding sentinel on the lawn;When bare stained fields harden at lastIron-flawed cracks from iceContinue reading “Yuletide Sleep”

Dream like a child

I dream of clouds – Those castles in the sky;Wide open spaces and sloping meadowsRich with summer flowersOf a picnic beside a babbling brookOf painted landscapes – pastoral scenesI dream of looking up into the endless blueAt the vapour trail of a jet up highI want to dream like a childBecause to dream is toContinue reading “Dream like a child”

Solstice meets Advent

The last solstice of the yearObsidian and bleakThe fog all consumingDense and rain -clad Droplets running down the glass Channelled down. The celestial ‘Christmas Star’ Of this millennium ObscuredAnd hidden Announcing the advent of Christmas Also eclipsed by The bleakest of newsBorders closedNowhere to goTiers of restrictionMirroringThat real storyTwo thousand years agoWhen everything was closedEverythingContinue reading “Solstice meets Advent”