From Fell to Mountain

Transition from fells to Mountainside is stark; Suddenly the air is sharp-Sinking temperature;Silence – total silence;Gone the chatter of the larks Muted, the white dots of lambs far below,Simply the scuff of tread on stone, The crunch over stems of spent heatherAnd steady deliberate breath; As the angle changes And the mighty outlineOf sandstone rocksContinue reading “From Fell to Mountain”

Coity Mawr

Descending down from lofty mountain grandeur Below the stark outline of the Dramatic ridge A verdant valleySoftened still by signs of Spring Unfurling leaves and thePlaintive call of lambs Flanked with green growth inPoignant urgency Beneath whichA slower pace is found;Concealed, The Woodland Secrets of Anemone and violetsCarpetMoss covered walls glistening with Beads of waterContinue reading “Coity Mawr”


Your father and mine- A lifetime of memoriesA lifeline that threadsA storyThrough our lives; Fathers who set our paths and shaped them Selfless with loveEncouragement and wisdom,Rebuking our misdemeanoursFavouring honesty,Who gave us skills, who fashioned Our curiosity of ancestral roots;Sharing their love of the sea and river, Of rocks and moorland,Of stars and planetsAnd ofContinue reading “Fathers”

A familiar Sound

A call in the dark A familiar sound The cows went out last evening, Exuberant beyond all measure Overwhelmed by the spaceAnd the smell of spring grass;Like children Running and jumping Manoeuvring their giant frames In ungainly pursuit of jollityWith unconfined pleasureAfter a winter in the barn; Tonight unease- Calling into the night RestlessIn needContinue reading “A familiar Sound”