Gentle Rain

Steady and deliberate drops fall Patterning the surface of the soilIn stippled patternReleasing The intoxicating sweet smell of fungal spores Evocative of rare still nights The air hangs The sound mesmerisingIntensifyingThe garden in secrecy awaitsRefreshmentWithout tormentOf wind and storm. Tonight the soil will be replenishedThe plants nourishedNurtured with care.

When we are lost

Reason- there is no reasonWe cannot comprehend;Where there was certainty There lies a gaping hole-An emptiness too big to fill;Reason – there is no reason-We want to shout it out.We cry without sound.It’s too big,Our voice too small.Questions, but no answers Drift on the breath Of silence;But listen- On the wings of the dove PeaceContinue reading “When we are lost”

From Fell to Mountain

Transition from fells to Mountainside is stark; Suddenly the air is sharp-Sinking temperature;Silence – total silence;Gone the chatter of the larks Muted, the white dots of lambs far below,Simply the scuff of tread on stone, The crunch over stems of spent heatherAnd steady deliberate breath; As the angle changes And the mighty outlineOf sandstone rocksContinue reading “From Fell to Mountain”

Coity Mawr

Descending down from lofty mountain grandeur Below the stark outline of the Dramatic ridge A verdant valleySoftened still by signs of Spring Unfurling leaves and thePlaintive call of lambs Flanked with green growth inPoignant urgency Beneath whichA slower pace is found;Concealed, The Woodland Secrets of Anemone and violetsCarpetMoss covered walls glistening with Beads of waterContinue reading “Coity Mawr”


Your father and mine- A lifetime of memoriesA lifeline that threadsA storyThrough our lives; Fathers who set our paths and shaped them Selfless with loveEncouragement and wisdom,Rebuking our misdemeanoursFavouring honesty,Who gave us skills, who fashioned Our curiosity of ancestral roots;Sharing their love of the sea and river, Of rocks and moorland,Of stars and planetsAnd ofContinue reading “Fathers”