Running in the Slow Lane.

‘What is life if full of care,we have not time to stand and stare?’

William Henry Davies

This is me.

Hello. My name is Ruth and I started running to improve my fitness levels six years ago. I found so much more: beauty, nature, connections, spirituality….

Running energises and empowers on a daily basis. It provides freedon, expression and a place to think. It has made me more observant and in tune to the landscape and the world around me.

Am I really a runner? Some would say not. I run to slow down. I run in the slow lane. Running to slow down? That’s right. This world moves so fast or so it seems and sometimes we feel caught on the ever-spinning ride. Our minds are full; our bodies are weighed down- our hearts beat too fast.

To run slows the heart, lightens the mood, opposes the stresses of the day.

I run to observe, to think ,to thank … to live!

‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’

Scott Adams

When time allows, I enjoy putting my own take on what I see.
Stopping at the gate in the slow lane