Your father and mine- A lifetime of memoriesA lifeline that threadsA storyThrough our lives; Fathers who set our paths and shaped them Selfless with loveEncouragement and wisdom,Rebuking our misdemeanoursFavouring honesty,Who gave us skills, who fashioned Our curiosity of ancestral roots;Sharing their love of the sea and river, Of rocks and moorland,Of stars and planetsAnd ofContinue reading “Fathers”

A familiar Sound

A call in the dark A familiar sound The cows went out last evening, Exuberant beyond all measure Overwhelmed by the spaceAnd the smell of spring grass;Like children Running and jumping Manoeuvring their giant frames In ungainly pursuit of jollityWith unconfined pleasureAfter a winter in the barn; Tonight unease- Calling into the night RestlessIn needContinue reading “A familiar Sound”

Four seasons of April

Twenty four hours Four-seasoned elements Wrestle withBanks of heavy cloudTraction a different rhythm Of snow flurries that sweep acrossBent rows of daffodils;A north wind pummels The naked branches of the ash;Winter defies with its iron claw And blossom falls from plum and thorn;The buzzard swoops low over the fields in a whitish hazeAnd disappears fromContinue reading “Four seasons of April”

Together for Eternity

Tonight maybe two stars will shine More brightly than beforeSinging will be heard on the threads Of the heavens Fifty nine years togetherand now an anniversary sealed for the first time In twenty fiveTwo lives who touched so many On their earthly journeyForever remembered Together for eternity.Joy just thinking Of celestial celebrationOf angelic chorusWhere timeContinue reading “Together for Eternity”

Setting Moon

A ribbonSoft ambient glows Lighting the cloudDiffused spectre of whiteNonchalant this early morningPurple the skyWith a sudden radiance shines forth In regal magnificence and fullnesThis golden orbA stately entrance makes Transforming from pale cream To burnished bronze A wisp of cloud forming a smile acrossThe perfect faceTaking the stage A jewel in the skyBut sheContinue reading “Setting Moon”

Loss and Remembrance

This is not the end of a battle chant When will their glory fade? No polished medals to be worn No patriotic parade.A peacetime loss seems greater somehowSweeping through the land And without choice a numbers game That’s hard to understand.Today we remember them How hard the year has been We look back and thinkContinue reading “Loss and Remembrance”