Look for me by Moonlight

The paper- white moonPaper thin Hangs in the powder blue skyA clean saucer with Milky white edgeDue EastAgainst a sky to the West Alight with evening glowGhostly grey shapes rise South WestCauliflower topped rising to steep anvilsFlame -laced as singed by blacksmith’s forgeLike galleons broadside for battle Clear silhouettes of Naked trees Behind which theContinue reading “Look for me by Moonlight”


Spindrift line of silver greyTide on the turnRed stain of paint Across the harbour ground Hemp ropes are strainingAgainstHulls wedged in sandThe freshening windThrows fresh spots of rainDrawn lines of greyFrom the cloud’s edge Behind the harbour wallA narrowing beachThe water rushes inThe dark mouth of the cave Hides a smuggler’s taleSea wornSmooth stepsNo treadWhiteContinue reading “Polperro”


Beneath my hand a distorted energy A flickering page Electrical disharmony Overload and charged Flickering screenPulsating linesDistorted rhythm A heart trace unevenUnsynchronisedThe whir of a hidden force field Blurred edged Blank screen Dissonance radiates like a crawling mist Enveloping substanceHidden forcesOverhead cables play tunes above Static tension below Pulsating noise Chaotic motion Babbling voicesBlank screensWithoutContinue reading “Electricity”

We Live with Dreams

We live with dreamsWhen hopes are raisedAnd lines are changed Excitement loomsEverything is brightColours shineAnd energised and boldLife feels good.All it takes-A hidden agendaNot what it seems Tables are turnedWarnings givenA realisationDisappointmentTries to overwhelmTo bring us down Seeking to undermine Confidence dwindlesCheatedDeflated We feel lost. A new dayNew horizonA new goalThere’s always choiceTo turn itContinue reading “We Live with Dreams”

Running in the Slow Lane

Running with the pace of life is fast Journeys taken without concern or care Words used and carelessly abandoned Targets and deadlines replaced there. Among the burgeoning piles of file-paper The overflowing nature of our lives Where mindfulness becomes one extra chore And our mental well-being’s in demise. Did it really take a global situationContinue reading “Running in the Slow Lane”