My Foot in Theirs

Orginally written for the Earle Richardson Ekphrastic Review Writing Challenge: My Foot in Theirs Could these be footprints long hardened in rock ? I wondered as I stepped on the mound; The lives once defined in the sand- coloured clay, Hard spent under the glare of the sun. I closed my eye to imagineContinue reading “My Foot in Theirs”

Wild Flight of the Geese

Contours slip from a worldParallel and synchronised in beatAnd motion Their flight is straightSuspended in the voidHalf arrowed in formationSkimming the rooftopNear-grazing the slateMighty Hercules of the flight Heavy with beat of the wingNo navigation aid to site Still and blue Their playground isDriven on by diurnal forceOver the edge with Complete precision Tattooed wingChartsContinue reading “Wild Flight of the Geese”

Subtle Change

Tightly wrapped From sight AmidstA world preoccupied Beneath leaden skies and rainA sense of stealth prevails In the darknessAcross a slightly lengthened dayA stirring The pallid canvas is being alteredWith strokes of greenA snowdrop carpet covers the soilSmudge of yellow stain marks early daffodilsSubtlety in detail There was no announcement made.Not fully light And theContinue reading “Subtle Change”

The Chime of the Clock

The chime of the clock And I’m back: The elegant hall,Portraits in ranked position,Hopscotch over the shapesIn the worn Persian rug(It was ancient even then);The smoke from the drawing room,Jovial military voices,Academic conversationThe silver, polished and ready, The sound of the gong;Seated promptly at tableStrict instruction given:The correct cutlery,Straight back,Arms off tableRoutine.Artefacts endure(Even the rug)TheContinue reading “The Chime of the Clock”

They say animals have wisdom

The cat She has learnt:Take each day as it comes; Silently she sits and looks out From the sill, Serene and calmIn thought; Still the weather does not change She asks for the door She surveys, The wind on her fur,The dampness on a paw,Daintily she shakes it offAnd draws back inside, A repeated ritualContinue reading “They say animals have wisdom”