Written by Moonlight

An aria in the sky awaits For the meteor shower,But bold is the moonlight Casting a pinkish hue,Silhouetting the bovine shapes In the fieldInto obscurity reminiscent of A biblical scene;The outline of the moors Defining a perfect backdrop;So still the night, The slightest movement heard;Chaotic the skies above,Yet we fail to seeOur frailty exposed ToContinue reading “Written by Moonlight”


Like the careful opening of a gift A secret beauty is revealedDay by day subtle changes stir As textures fill and colours popAmidst the tapestry of greenSherbert colours Open before our eyesYet we do not see the change A paradoxThe effect is clearerTransformational as Easter joy Miraculous by perfection and designResurrection and renewal of theContinue reading “Renewal”

Earth’s shores

Earth’s shoresThose boundaries defined As sand slips silently awayNeither land nor sea A liminal placeShape shifting Where nothing is solidDraws like the gravitationalPull of the tideTo cast thoughts In anonymityTo the wavesYet closer in fragility ensconcedTo the emphemeral nature Of the spiritHeard by the cry of the gullAnd all of heaven above. Inspired by aContinue reading “Earth’s shores”

Starlight Rivers

A river dips into oblivion Karstic it dissolves through limestoneForming glass- like windowsBeneath the groundStarlight rivers snake their wayA thousand metres beneath the soilLimestone itself is tidalSurging and dropping Unnoticed beneath our feetTo the pull of the moon. There is so much I do not know So much I do not understand So much IContinue reading “Starlight Rivers”