The Kingdom of the Grey

Beneath the woodland floorYou look for more Stare at the grey:A moon from outer space; Another web ;another worldSkeins unfurled Drawn of fine strandsAnd white fungal lace; I could trance the soil awaySee The kingdom of the greyAppear now and thenGossamer threads that trace. Inspired after reading a chapter of Underland by Robert Macfarlane thisContinue reading “The Kingdom of the Grey”

I dream in silver

In monochromeWinter depths In haunting monotonous roarOf the winter windI dreamOf the soughing treesTheir naked formWith fingered branches Protesting as they areBent lowAnd rain hammers downOn iron clad groundLike sparks fromThe farrier’s steelOn anvil Made as Headlamps light The dark road ahead A sparkling threadPerchance I dreamIn silver.