A familiar Sound

A call in the dark A familiar sound The cows went out last evening, Exuberant beyond all measure Overwhelmed by the spaceAnd the smell of spring grass;Like children Running and jumping Manoeuvring their giant frames In ungainly pursuit of jollityWith unconfined pleasureAfter a winter in the barn; Tonight unease- Calling into the night RestlessIn needContinue reading “A familiar Sound”

On Granite Tors

To stand aloft a mighty eminence, Command of stature and of height The strength defined in graniteHewn by fire Of feldspar, quartz and mica drawn,Defining presence throughTowering walls of rock; Those Tors,with magnificence From ancient Crucibles were formedResplendent of refiner’s fire To forge the views of upland ridge; From whence deep wooded valleys Plunge toContinue reading “On Granite Tors”


I turned my face to the sweeping skyAnd the breeze drawn by the Eddying current;I traced the snaking curveOf the channel;I watched the light play onThe mirrored surfaces-Tiny rivulets spread like fingersIn the mud,As Sandpipers picked their way With bobbing heads;Their matchstick legs,Angular and straight;And beyond,a flock of avocets,Their curved beaksStabbing like needles;And wondered ifContinue reading “Estuary”

Frost at Dawn

Uncertain,That time between shaded Dawn and morning, Nature, In frailty of perfection; Earth lays down on frosted ground Stillness and clarity To seduce the mind On distant viewsJust out of bounds Though view,restriction cannot hold Unchained It serves to sate the soul;Transient it embracesEphemeral white and laced Before transfigured it Resumes its green stained hue.Continue reading “Frost at Dawn”

Driving Home

A marauding sky creeps over the skylineDramatising the moorland ridge;Silver- fingered branches Steal the showAs their naked forms Stand sentinel on the banks; The moss – green of the hollyBoasts proudly against theImpending darkness;Sharply focusedThe eye is drawnTo the silver lane snaking the homeward mile As the moor vanishesBlotted outAnd heavy drops Land on theContinue reading “Driving Home”