Was it lightning ?

The light flickers behind my closed lids It’s hard to know if it’s lightning So used we are to recrudescences of screens At the beginning of the dayShould I check the phone(www.realtimelightning.org)?But the air is thick and intense And the soughing rush of the treesSignals air whipped up under the heavy cloudAnd the sky aContinue reading “Was it lightning ?”

Of Watchful Eyes

When I look across at Southwestern hillsThe sky is drawn- A grey line against white;A seam to divide and conquer;Furtive, are the calls of woodland birds That signal premature erasure of light;Here the winding woodland path Descends through dense and deepening foliageOf covert growth In near darknessThe grass here still wet;A heavy earthinessCloaks the airContinue reading “Of Watchful Eyes”

We were warned the Forecast said…

We were warned the forecast said …Yet there’s always a chance – a hope That they’re wrong; Weekends-Held high over five days of graftA goal pursued;Plans? Not really But garden themed-To be out in the light – free to choose, to plant or weed – Connect with the soilI don’t ask for sun – I’mContinue reading “We were warned the Forecast said…”

Gentle Rain

Steady and deliberate drops fall Patterning the surface of the soilIn stippled patternReleasing The intoxicating sweet smell of fungal spores Evocative of rare still nights The air hangs The sound mesmerisingIntensifyingThe garden in secrecy awaitsRefreshmentWithout tormentOf wind and storm. Tonight the soil will be replenishedThe plants nourishedNurtured with care.

Four seasons of April

Twenty four hours Four-seasoned elements Wrestle withBanks of heavy cloudTraction a different rhythm Of snow flurries that sweep acrossBent rows of daffodils;A north wind pummels The naked branches of the ash;Winter defies with its iron claw And blossom falls from plum and thorn;The buzzard swoops low over the fields in a whitish hazeAnd disappears fromContinue reading “Four seasons of April”