Day to Night- from the Window

With stealth the darkness creepsAnd seals the dayWith hardly a difference of Day from night;Ink black rooksFrom their roost Take flight,Circle, then return to theSame bare branchesSilhouetted againstThe soot grey sky;Wintery sleetFalls;The cold seepsThrough every gap;Even the log fireStruggles in the grate; There is no wind Just empty blackness.

I dream in silver

In monochromeWinter depths In haunting monotonous roarOf the winter windI dreamOf the soughing treesTheir naked formWith fingered branches Protesting as they areBent lowAnd rain hammers downOn iron clad groundLike sparks fromThe farrier’s steelOn anvil Made as Headlamps light The dark road ahead A sparkling threadPerchance I dreamIn silver.

Frost at Dawn

Uncertain,That time between shaded Dawn and morning, Nature, In frailty of perfection; Earth lays down on frosted ground Stillness and clarity To seduce the mind On distant viewsJust out of bounds Though view,restriction cannot hold Unchained It serves to sate the soul;Transient it embracesEphemeral white and laced Before transfigured it Resumes its green stained hue.Continue reading “Frost at Dawn”