From the Forest Floor

Drawn on whispered breath Of windThe scent of pineOn upturned branchesCaressed by The sentimentOf a winter sunChanneling the Powder blueFunnel of sky.Spent leaves of AutumnSpun into Drifts ofGold carpetCrunchUnder soft feetStartling a wood pigeonBreaking the spell. When we escape the wind, mist and rain that we’ve had all day and venture North East 30 minsContinue reading “From the Forest Floor”

Old House :Winter Night

With pulsating rain The strengthening wind is drawn through The blackest of nights;The mist swirls ribbons Like the jet stream trailAnd the windows rattle;Droplets course down the blackened panes in little streamsPooling on the ledge As the latch lifts and falls And curtains move in oscillating rhythm While heavy slates lift and dropMaking the wholeContinue reading “Old House :Winter Night”

Through Darkened Days

Old trappings blow through the fingers of the wind Memories cling to bare branchesAs the ivy curls braidsAnd ties bows.Winter sharpens the breath of timeAnd the cold cuts stealGeese shout songs on the wing.Through darkened daysFoxed and etched Light is a silvered mirror-A reflection of who we areAnd who we are to be.The focus shiftsToContinue reading “Through Darkened Days”

Day to Night- from the Window

With stealth the darkness creepsAnd seals the dayWith hardly a difference of Day from night;Ink black rooksFrom their roost Take flight,Circle, then return to theSame bare branchesSilhouetted againstThe soot grey sky;Wintery sleetFalls;The cold seepsThrough every gap;Even the log fireStruggles in the grate; There is no wind Just empty blackness.

I dream in silver

In monochromeWinter depths In haunting monotonous roarOf the winter windI dreamOf the soughing treesTheir naked formWith fingered branches Protesting as they areBent lowAnd rain hammers downOn iron clad groundLike sparks fromThe farrier’s steelOn anvil Made as Headlamps light The dark road ahead A sparkling threadPerchance I dreamIn silver.