When the wind abatesEarth her claw relentsFrom pounding gusts That tear Wreck and havoc make Of plants torn from their rootsflattened Cast adrift Stricken vessels in the nightA spun whirlpool of debris flung Of shredded leaves and twigsAnd grasses arched like wavesFall limp in strands And spent;Listen to the noise Feel the shifting sandsThe poundingContinue reading “Storm”

We Were Warned

Hail ricochets the windowWith trembling and vibration, Coursing through the bed frameLike a road worker’s drill;The storm pursues its path,Relentless as its intent;We were warned The forecast said;As in the darknessSpring is torn from its bedSap is centrifuged in stemsAnchored roots are tested;The ash will give up branchesOf buds which will never openTo be repurposedContinue reading “We Were Warned”