Storm 3

The four winds blow, Mustering yet more strengthIn rallying war cry Powerful and StrongSweeping over bent grassCombing and creasing the hillInto ripples of spun icing; Trees are rocked and spun in Forceful gyrations prizing Naked branches apart.Building and retreating in monumental fashionRelentless in accomplishment.Refusing to abate.All through the nightTo the cold blue-greyAnd a view.debris castContinue reading “Storm 3”

Ancient Walls

I touch the walls of the ancient room,And feel the breath from another age. From here I glimpse the transient silvered moon;I trance dark clouds amidst storm -filled rage.The wind it thunders, though unrestrained;These walls of stories and secrets keptIn silence resolute unexplained,If only they awoke instead of slept.What stories are wrought which they couldContinue reading “Ancient Walls”

Most Winter Mornings

Most winter morningsThe cold blue light gives way to lightening skiesMost winter mornings the respite comesThis winter morning light flickersBefore extinguishingThrough a patchwork skyIn flickering array Cloud studded and ever movingLandscape of greyBuilding and growingSwelling to fill the wideness of Big skiesFingers of spent wind Clawing the branches of tired treesStark is the warning ofContinue reading “Most Winter Mornings”

Old House :Winter Night

With pulsating rain The strengthening wind is drawn through The blackest of nights;The mist swirls ribbons Like the jet stream trailAnd the windows rattle;Droplets course down the blackened panes in little streamsPooling on the ledge As the latch lifts and falls And curtains move in oscillating rhythm While heavy slates lift and dropMaking the wholeContinue reading “Old House :Winter Night”

Storm through the Night

All through the night – relentless and totally dark. Our 375 year house sits on a high ridge and it does feel like we are sometimes under siege . A gusting windExhales in bursts The rain Like knives spears the darkRicochets off ancient walls.To the keeper of the keys. The pulsating nightDrinks in thirstThe slatesVibrateContinue reading “Storm through the Night”


When to the eye the lens is set It is to anticipateThe grey- pink cloudIt’s signal knownThat robin and blackbird silenced are The Kaleidoscope is turned againGreens to bronzed outlinesClouds to yellowed smokeThen, preceded by a poignant pauseAll nature heldIt comes With forceIn deliberate pulseBeats in the rhythm of the day.

Shutting the Door on Summer

The leaves set to fallAs rain it’s drops do showerRelentless from the sky Free flowing torrentsFrom the banksLeaching from the fieldsStreams of orangeStain the road.A hammering on the roofThe wind it does prevailWhipping itself around the house. Lundy , Fastnet,Irish SeaThe shipping forecast read.The storm it has arrived.ToSaving lives at sea.In readiness we were not-EekingContinue reading “Shutting the Door on Summer”