Observations in the Woodland Garden

My hands deep in the earth-Stained and wornWhere air is heavy and intense from spores released with rain;I watch fine droplets streaming down new leaves Arched over with weightAs fronds of fernsWith Prehistoric curlHang lowIn communion with Dog-toothed violet;Where faded primroses nodTo bluebells near purple in their Intoxicating intensity;The old fork is proppedReady to liftContinue reading “Observations in the Woodland Garden”

Observations on a Postcard

Beautiful afternoon for watching the beach and eating shellfish alfresco at the Winking Prawn . A postcard view within a snapshot But sit awhile and observe the flowTowards the shoreline Down and upExceptEyes skyward, a whippet follows a disc In predictable line of anticipated retrieval across the wet sandBreaking the mirrored surfaceAvoiding the flow CloudContinue reading “Observations on a Postcard”

Earth’s shores

Earth’s shoresThose boundaries defined As sand slips silently awayNeither land nor sea A liminal placeShape shifting Where nothing is solidDraws like the gravitationalPull of the tideTo cast thoughts In anonymityTo the wavesYet closer in fragility ensconcedTo the emphemeral nature Of the spiritHeard by the cry of the gullAnd all of heaven above. Inspired by aContinue reading “Earth’s shores”

Storm 3

The four winds blow, Mustering yet more strengthIn rallying war cry Powerful and StrongSweeping over bent grassCombing and creasing the hillInto ripples of spun icing; Trees are rocked and spun in Forceful gyrations prizing Naked branches apart.Building and retreating in monumental fashionRelentless in accomplishment.Refusing to abate.All through the nightTo the cold blue-greyAnd a view.debris castContinue reading “Storm 3”

Storm through the Night

All through the night – relentless and totally dark. Our 375 year house sits on a high ridge and it does feel like we are sometimes under siege . A gusting windExhales in bursts The rain Like knives spears the darkRicochets off ancient walls.To the keeper of the keys. The pulsating nightDrinks in thirstThe slatesVibrateContinue reading “Storm through the Night”

Red Sky in Morning

The blush pink sky twists the forecastWrapping the clouds in ominous hueThere’s clarity in warningThe air is stillBirdsong is activeShrill cries of the blackbird cut throughToo sharp are the angulations of the fieldsCarving lines of clipped brown hedges with shards of goldAcid green are the fields Under the low winter sunTransient patterns About to changeContinue reading “Red Sky in Morning”

Early Run – observations

SilhouettesAcross a pinkish glow Gulls their silent span Mist- a crease to top The new -ploughed fieldsSculpted,the moorland land Ribbons of white in reconfigured contours Smoothing the valley floor,Steaming silage Sweet the smellHunger after more Gold of arrow,vapour trailWhat view is theirs? What view I have! A glimpse of home Midst rolling hills Nestled inContinue reading “Early Run – observations”