The Last Breakfast

Breakfast outside RegardlessSummer as taut as An elastic bandFully stretchedEeking outThe last hoursAlready there is change;How we have grown to fear it.The threads ofHalcyon days by sea or river Begin to sever their clarityAs memories mergeAnd leaves fall to the ground;Expectations out-way the reality.There’s a slight chillIn the airA soughing onThe fingers of the windCloudsContinue reading “The Last Breakfast”


Only the bat is nebularTheir streaming shadows play the remaking of a light show; Serotine ,Pippestrelle or HorseshoeForms identified by ear or furPersonified in mystery inSoft bodied perpetual motion With a fleeting glimpseA powdered spectre;Flight At dawn or dusk.Yet through the nightThe shadows play against the glassIn liminal motionRetreating and oscillatingBack and forthA mesmerising displayIfContinue reading “Bats”

Observations in the Woodland Garden

My hands deep in the earth-Stained and wornWhere air is heavy and intense from spores released with rain;I watch fine droplets streaming down new leaves Arched over with weightAs fronds of fernsWith Prehistoric curlHang lowIn communion with Dog-toothed violet;Where faded primroses nodTo bluebells near purple in their Intoxicating intensity;The old fork is proppedReady to liftContinue reading “Observations in the Woodland Garden”

Observations on a Postcard

Beautiful afternoon for watching the beach and eating shellfish alfresco at the Winking Prawn . A postcard view within a snapshot But sit awhile and observe the flowTowards the shoreline Down and upExceptEyes skyward, a whippet follows a disc In predictable line of anticipated retrieval across the wet sandBreaking the mirrored surfaceAvoiding the flow CloudContinue reading “Observations on a Postcard”