Observations in the Woodland Garden

My hands deep in the earth-Stained and wornWhere air is heavy and intense from spores released with rain;I watch fine droplets streaming down new leaves Arched over with weightAs fronds of fernsWith Prehistoric curlHang lowIn communion with Dog-toothed violet;Where faded primroses nodTo bluebells near purple in their Intoxicating intensity;The old fork is proppedReady to liftContinue reading “Observations in the Woodland Garden”

We were warned the Forecast said…

We were warned the forecast said …Yet there’s always a chance – a hope That they’re wrong; Weekends-Held high over five days of graftA goal pursued;Plans? Not really But garden themed-To be out in the light – free to choose, to plant or weed – Connect with the soilI don’t ask for sun – I’mContinue reading “We were warned the Forecast said…”

Abandonment to Garden

Like Socrates,tread I barefoot on the ground Drink deeply, elixir of the soil Strengthened by every grain imbibedConnections rooted deeply from the coreThe elemental smell of rain- freed earthy spores that cleanse and heal;A living substrate made for growthIn simplicity, softly drawn withinWhere we, with nature, seemingly at one Are held,Protected by the earth andContinue reading “Abandonment to Garden”

Gardening through Climate Change

So will I show you the Spring: With the warmth of the sunCalendar predictionFast growth of green shoots Spearing the soilArrow flight to the light.So will I show you:Protected with wool Cloched and tressed upPlantedTo beat onslaught-A gruelling antidote to A month of droughtMonsoon in proportion; Leaching ofMulched beds To the bottom of the hillAContinue reading “Gardening through Climate Change”

This week in the garden

This week some highs and lows: fantastic crop of strawberries from sun and rain coming at the right times. Spinach and chard being harvested as are lettuces. Roses are flowering well . The main border is looking really good. I am amazed at how well the hedges are protecting from the strong winds this weekContinue reading “This week in the garden”