In the Garden- beneath our Feet

Hewn by worm castsAnd labouring forkSifted through the gardener’s hand The dampness lingers under ancient fernsYet to be unfurled;A primeval world ofSweet fungal sporesConnected to the dawn of timeOf process and precisionAnd small detail;Tiny seedlings pushing throughLifting crumbs and flakes of barkand stonesInconspicuousBut with power to change;Drawn from darkness To a world of light;A gentlenessWhereContinue reading “In the Garden- beneath our Feet”

From the Forest Floor

Drawn on whispered breath Of windThe scent of pineOn upturned branchesCaressed by The sentimentOf a winter sunChanneling the Powder blueFunnel of sky.Spent leaves of AutumnSpun into Drifts ofGold carpetCrunchUnder soft feetStartling a wood pigeonBreaking the spell. When we escape the wind, mist and rain that we’ve had all day and venture North East 30 minsContinue reading “From the Forest Floor”

Earth’s shores

Earth’s shoresThose boundaries defined As sand slips silently awayNeither land nor sea A liminal placeShape shifting Where nothing is solidDraws like the gravitationalPull of the tideTo cast thoughts In anonymityTo the wavesYet closer in fragility ensconcedTo the emphemeral nature Of the spiritHeard by the cry of the gullAnd all of heaven above. Inspired by aContinue reading “Earth’s shores”