Old House :Winter Night

With pulsating rain The strengthening wind is drawn through The blackest of nights;The mist swirls ribbons Like the jet stream trailAnd the windows rattle;Droplets course down the blackened panes in little streamsPooling on the ledge As the latch lifts and falls And curtains move in oscillating rhythm While heavy slates lift and dropMaking the wholeContinue reading “Old House :Winter Night”

Storm through the Night

All through the night – relentless and totally dark. Our 375 year house sits on a high ridge and it does feel like we are sometimes under siege . A gusting windExhales in bursts The rain Like knives spears the darkRicochets off ancient walls.To the keeper of the keys. The pulsating nightDrinks in thirstThe slatesVibrateContinue reading “Storm through the Night”

To be Out Early

Shafts of light filter through open treesDainty beads of colourOf dew-spangled jewelsThread through the bank,Winding a tapestry; Silence is Held on the breath of the windUntil murmurs and shuffles In the henhouse are heard And the spell is broken By a sharp blackbird call. Out early with whippet puppy – there are advantages – feelingContinue reading “To be Out Early”

Abandonment to Garden

Like Socrates,tread I barefoot on the ground Drink deeply, elixir of the soil Strengthened by every grain imbibedConnections rooted deeply from the coreThe elemental smell of rain- freed earthy spores that cleanse and heal;A living substrate made for growthIn simplicity, softly drawn withinWhere we, with nature, seemingly at one Are held,Protected by the earth andContinue reading “Abandonment to Garden”