Darkness to Light

The haunting melodic sound of A canticle sungNotes Travel across the waves of air Stirring memoriesPermeating like water Drip through the soulWith the freshness Of youth Gone are the days of Choral songBlown out like a match To years pastWhat freedoms lostAmidst pursuit to contain? To survive in the darknessWe tread through the nightIncandescence isContinue reading “Darkness to Light”

Through Lent in Pandemic

In getting things wrong,In getting things right,We are changed and transformed;We are not who we wereTwelve months past,We have changed;He has changed us;We walk not aloneCast like boats adrift;Our stories His story.His presenceIn our presenceUnderpinningThe narrative, Affirming relationships One to anotherAt one with HimFor our journeyIs His journey.