Mirrored the Surface

Mirrored the surface with stories to tell; Play of light in marbled hues of blue;Snake-line the glassy ground;Cut clean lines over hidden currents That shift in secretUnder the bend in the estuary mouth-Devil’s PointSeparating the country from the Great seafaring city Of maritime fame,With sinister depths and strange Divisions of water churning, Spiralling under;No hintContinue reading “Mirrored the Surface”

Change within miles

How lucky we are to live between the moors and the sea. Sometimes we feel in a bubble of our own microclimate. A short drive and everything can be different. A strengthening windAnd unsettled sky Grey mist intermittent over the moorA short distance South To where land meets the sea Over the hill The seaContinue reading “Change within miles”

The Slapton Line

Long sweeping curve of the bay Thread of yellow Meets mist And foreboding cloudDisappearing into a charcoal sky. Whipped up waves Churn against the shoreline;Light plays on the ever changing surface Of indigo and grey;A constant movement of the beast A heaving mass of rolling waveSurges and falls;Hides the creatures that live beneath its surface.NoContinue reading “The Slapton Line”