Fog – changing states

Creeping somewhere between Day and Night Clarity obscured but Strangely visible Sound there But audibly differentSenses dulled and cloudedSharpened by drips off treesBent stems flopped forwardFlower over flowerPetals strewn confetti On sodden grassAn absence of birdsGives way to a feeling of emptinessChanging states One path crosses another But the end cannot be seen.

We were warned the Forecast said…

We were warned the forecast said …Yet there’s always a chance – a hope That they’re wrong; Weekends-Held high over five days of graftA goal pursued;Plans? Not really But garden themed-To be out in the light – free to choose, to plant or weed – Connect with the soilI don’t ask for sun – I’mContinue reading “We were warned the Forecast said…”