Seclusion at Dawn

Secluded, appears the garden at the Breath of dawnSpun haze of lightest threadsBrush the skin webbedBetween pendulous leaves of towering summer growth,their arches Framing Secret entries into hidden rooms;Muted,the roses pop pastel dots like bunting draped with dropped confetti beneath, Spilling over the abundance of fern green;Statuesque,spires of hazy blue Stand sentinel drawn throughHerbaceous plantsContinue reading “Seclusion at Dawn”

Sunny Days in the Garden

Starting early is key to getting as much done before the strength of the sun. Watering the cold frame is a must and all the pots. Yesterday, broad beans had yellowed and I thought over night what to do. I had dug compost in over winter, used general purpose fertiliser before planting. Broad bean- normallyContinue reading “Sunny Days in the Garden”