Wild Swimming at Sharrah Pool Dartmoor

The River Dart flows fast through and over granite rock. There are fast flowing rapids and turbulent waterfalls. We approached with more than a bit of a scramble having walked down from Venford Reservoir past the Venford Falls . After crossing the fast flowing stream we got to the River Dart and proceeded down streamContinue reading “Wild Swimming at Sharrah Pool Dartmoor”

Big Skies Over the Moor

Flat lines drawn in swathes of grey Threaten a warning given this dayMist shrouds the moorTo the valley floorVeiled and heavyThe clouds bear down. A sweep of the brushA stain of blue Palette of colour Transition of hueBig skies and wide Stretch across This Dartmoor fellVisual storytelling Lines withheld Breathtaking views To hold in theContinue reading “Big Skies Over the Moor”

Walk to Lydia Bridge

An ancient bridge Spans moorland gorgeDeep running Clawing at the rock;Smooth worn boulders Undercut And crystal pools Dark hollows block;A cobbled path will take us still,Smooth worn by constant tread;Age old route beside the river Leads up to Lydia Mill.Moss covered rocks line the wayTumbling along its line;Trees overgrown and leafy shrubsRestrict this view ofContinue reading “Walk to Lydia Bridge”

The Ridgeway Road

When I ran along this route the other evening, it’s comparable length and straightness challenged in a different way from the tiny lanes. As ever, I’m lost in thought and invariably think back. This was the evening exploring local history- something I wanted to do with the written notes I have to hand. Local friendsContinue reading “The Ridgeway Road”