Giving again

wind spun waves crash and surgein perpetual rhythmpulling the pebblesfrom under the feetuntil we fall as the seventh wave towersand breaks into orangestained waterat the fringe the shorefrom soft sandstone cliffs etched and leachedafter stormsand we talk where flint glistensunder the sunand we finger the shapesas the wind snatchesour thingsthere is laughter againas the beachgivesContinue reading “Giving again”

Wild Swimming x2 in two days

Cracking the mirrored surface Breaks the pictureTransiently; Breath sharpened,Mind focused- Drawn eye -level with nature Drawn to wonder To gaze upwards;The canopy of treesPlays The shaft of light;Damsel flies dance on the surfaceJewel dots of colour, Ripples in the water Pushing upstream For yardsSlow and rhythmic,Breath and stroke synchronisedUntil we are at one with natureMesmerisedContinue reading “Wild Swimming x2 in two days”

Wild Swimming at Sharrah Pool Dartmoor

The River Dart flows fast through and over granite rock. There are fast flowing rapids and turbulent waterfalls. We approached with more than a bit of a scramble having walked down from Venford Reservoir past the Venford Falls . After crossing the fast flowing stream we got to the River Dart and proceeded down streamContinue reading “Wild Swimming at Sharrah Pool Dartmoor”

A week of different activities

Tonight it’s been great to get back to running as it’s slightly fresher after a rain shower.7km round . Certainly enjoying swimming again. However we have to pick our time and place to avoid the crowds and demonstrate patience continuously reversing for tourists stuck in the tiny lanes. What was really amusing today was theContinue reading “A week of different activities”