On Granite Tors

To stand aloft a mighty eminence, 
Command of stature and of height
The strength defined in granite
Hewn by fire
Of feldspar, quartz and mica drawn,
Defining presence through
Towering walls of rock;
Those Tors,with magnificence
From ancient
Crucibles were formed
Resplendent of refiner’s fire
To forge the views of upland ridge;
From whence deep wooded valleys Plunge to hidden depths
Where cold,the river tumbles through
A narrowing contoured gap
From which in summer natural pools are made
Now churn with greater urgency
A foam of white;
The moor, its wildness casts a spell
In alchemy;
It stirs the mind and sates
The soul;
Fragility in wildness found:
This upland landscape scarred by time.

One thought on “On Granite Tors

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. My lovely daughter Mel, whose ashes are now buried on her beloved Dartmoor, would have so agreed with your words.❤️


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