On Granite Tors

To stand aloft a mighty eminence, Command of stature and of height The strength defined in graniteHewn by fire Of feldspar, quartz and mica drawn,Defining presence throughTowering walls of rock; Those Tors,with magnificence From ancient Crucibles were formedResplendent of refiner’s fire To forge the views of upland ridge; From whence deep wooded valleys Plunge toContinue reading “On Granite Tors”

I dream in silver

In monochromeWinter depths In haunting monotonous roarOf the winter windI dreamOf the soughing treesTheir naked formWith fingered branches Protesting as they areBent lowAnd rain hammers downOn iron clad groundLike sparks fromThe farrier’s steelOn anvil Made as Headlamps light The dark road ahead A sparkling threadPerchance I dreamIn silver.

Frost at Dawn

Uncertain,That time between shaded Dawn and morning, Nature, In frailty of perfection; Earth lays down on frosted ground Stillness and clarity To seduce the mind On distant viewsJust out of bounds Though view,restriction cannot hold Unchained It serves to sate the soul;Transient it embracesEphemeral white and laced Before transfigured it Resumes its green stained hue.Continue reading “Frost at Dawn”

Driving Home

A marauding sky creeps over the skylineDramatising the moorland ridge;Silver- fingered branches Steal the showAs their naked forms Stand sentinel on the banks; The moss – green of the hollyBoasts proudly against theImpending darkness;Sharply focusedThe eye is drawnTo the silver lane snaking the homeward mile As the moor vanishesBlotted outAnd heavy drops Land on theContinue reading “Driving Home”