Wild Swimming at Sharrah Pool Dartmoor

The River Dart flows fast through and over granite rock. There are fast flowing rapids and turbulent waterfalls. We approached with more than a bit of a scramble having walked down from Venford Reservoir past the Venford Falls . After crossing the fast flowing stream we got to the River Dart and proceeded down stream . The path clawed the river’s edge and fallen trees caused numerous blockages. Several scrambles ensued and a climb up the rocks to join a higher path. Descending to Sharrah pool was steep but worth all the effort.

The river splits around Long Island

As the river straightens it travels over a set of falls into Sharrah Pool flanked on one side by flat granite rocks and sandy entry points.

This was a fantastic swim as the pool is long and deep. Fizzing and invigorating it so is and after coffee and biscuits before trekking back.

Brilliant way to end the summer.

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