Early Run – observations

SilhouettesAcross a pinkish glow Gulls their silent span Mist- a crease to top The new -ploughed fieldsSculpted,the moorland land Ribbons of white in reconfigured contours Smoothing the valley floor,Steaming silage Sweet the smellHunger after more Gold of arrow,vapour trailWhat view is theirs? What view I have! A glimpse of home Midst rolling hills Nestled inContinue reading “Early Run – observations”

And Falling

Shower after shower circles these shores Sweeps over the moorsFlattening the brackenSheep shelter for coverSkylarks stop singing New streams are filling Dancing down the slopesRedefining the mapShimmering against the purple heather Green growth is abundantBut flowers faded have fallenLeaf strewn lawns traversed by molluscs not humansAnd the wind chases the cloudsEver strengtheningRaindrops keep growing inContinue reading “And Falling”

Night Watch Privilege

Night Through hours past midnightStretches timeUnusually dark and moonless The air holds its breathThrough drawn fingers of spent wind Total silence is layeredLike black is to whiteTo the stillnessThe ticking of the watchPulsation synchronised To heartbeatThe breath of the cows slow and warmThe distant horn of the lighthouse 25 miles outStrangeness its rhythmThese things whichContinue reading “Night Watch Privilege”

Was it lightning ?

The light flickers behind my closed lids It’s hard to know if it’s lightning So used we are to recrudescences of screens At the beginning of the dayShould I check the phone(www.realtimelightning.org)?But the air is thick and intense And the soughing rush of the treesSignals air whipped up under the heavy cloudAnd the sky aContinue reading “Was it lightning ?”

To be Out Early

Shafts of light filter through open treesDainty beads of colourOf dew-spangled jewelsThread through the bank,Winding a tapestry; Silence is Held on the breath of the windUntil murmurs and shuffles In the henhouse are heard And the spell is broken By a sharp blackbird call. Out early with whippet puppy – there are advantages – feelingContinue reading “To be Out Early”

Abandonment to Garden

Like Socrates,tread I barefoot on the ground Drink deeply, elixir of the soil Strengthened by every grain imbibedConnections rooted deeply from the coreThe elemental smell of rain- freed earthy spores that cleanse and heal;A living substrate made for growthIn simplicity, softly drawn withinWhere we, with nature, seemingly at one Are held,Protected by the earth andContinue reading “Abandonment to Garden”