Hare 2

Bold in the lane Totally still A statuesque form Aligned to a bronzeCast by the evening sunExhibit 2Then… Alerted It’s ears twist and are raised Like a muntjac from behind So raised are the hind legsGear changed and foot down Shower gravel as they springBurning rubber on a sixpence Through the gateway and gone.

Squally March Afternoon

A rush of air sucks breathFrom the lungsThe stride shortens Head lowers I dig deepPeppered by bullets Of shrapnel as hailStings the faceAnd skimsThe tops of the hedgesAnd turn intoThe sunken lane Where primroses hide Like Porcelain tea cupsOn rattling shelvesAnd acid celandineStands askewWith bent petals Made ragged by last night’s Storm Not yet spentVioletsContinue reading “Squally March Afternoon”

Winter walk

A pale wintery light floods the bare furrowsAs earth drops her mantle Laid bare to North Eastern windsDark fingered branches Frame the scene And steal the unexpected glow Locking secrets beneath their bowsProtection offeredIn elemental fusionAs dry pine needles crunch beneath our bootsWe skim the forest edgeDeliberately To keep the light And security of forestContinue reading “Winter walk”

Driving Home

A marauding sky creeps over the skylineDramatising the moorland ridge;Silver- fingered branches Steal the showAs their naked forms Stand sentinel on the banks; The moss – green of the hollyBoasts proudly against theImpending darkness;Sharply focusedThe eye is drawnTo the silver lane snaking the homeward mile As the moor vanishesBlotted outAnd heavy drops Land on theContinue reading “Driving Home”