We were warned the Forecast said…

We were warned the forecast said …
Yet there’s always a chance - a hope
That they’re wrong;
Held high over five days of graft
A goal pursued;
Plans? Not really
But garden themed-
To be out in the light - free to choose, to plant or weed -
Connect with the soil
I don’t ask for sun - I’m content with grey:
Grey sharpens green and the blues and reds.
But the grass must be cut
Clipped and even- I started last night on the near acre we have
And today it’s wet-not a short shower burst or light droplets that pulse;
We are in the cloud
At saturation point
Where water has pooled and humidity high
It weighs down the
Branches so low that snare as I pass
Spraying droplets effortlessly
Soak from the start
And my soles that kick water over grass
And the border flops forward
Perennials for staking
Dead heading a pleasure
But not with a soaking
The greenhouse - a sanctuary
Though a constant drip
Rings as it misses its feed
To the guttering pipe
And the tools left out
All slimy and wet.

Cup of coffee I think
And evaluate.

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