The Garden this week

Gardening dawn to dusk has been the order of the days this week of Half Term. The weather has both been glorious and challenging for the garden. Whilst some established plants love the weather and the hardened tomatoes cope being transplanted, other hardened vegetable plants have had to endure harsh sun and have needed a lot of watering. The roses have been the stars of the show and every bit as exciting as last week’s Gardeners’ World rose special. The other great thing to say is that we have managed to resist spending £100 for a compost delivery to fill the raised beds, mulch and pot up. Rigorously turning the four compost heaps from the first cut of grass has yielded enough seven weeks on. Also, using the hot bed system on the raised beds has been quick fix: paper/card, manure, grass clippings , compost.

In the veg garden, potatoes have been earthed up, peas have been transplanted and supported with hazel pea sticks. french beans have gone out well and the wigwam was easy to do with hazel copiced across the lane. We have used two pallets in an A frame for the squash plants- this is a first. Normally, they trail and take their chance. We will see if this yields better results. Courgettes have been dismal, so I have sourced two plants from our first trip to the Avon Mill Garden Centre today – what a treat. We came away with some sugar snap peas and bedding plants for the many empty pots.

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