Gardening through Climate Change

So will I show you the Spring: 
With the warmth of the sun
Calendar prediction
Fast growth of green shoots
Spearing the soil
Arrow flight to the light.

So will I show you:
Protected with wool
Cloched and tressed up
To beat onslaught-
A gruelling antidote to
A month of drought
Monsoon in proportion;
Leaching of
Mulched beds
To the bottom of the hill
A stream of minerals
A hand given from river to sea.
Stripped is the soil
The fangs of the wind to evil intent
Inexorable to growth
Whipped to submission.

So will I explain the gardener in me :
DNA defined Through generations wired;
Of country estate to
Allotment plot
Stories of bounty
Or thriving on nothing;
Not educated but practised
Endless summers of sun
And snows in winter.

Now qualifications are mine and technology too
Yet the weather unfathomable
To the elements
I claw at a loss.

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