This week in the garden

This week some highs and lows: fantastic crop of strawberries from sun and rain coming at the right times. Spinach and chard being harvested as are lettuces. Roses are flowering well . The main border is looking really good. I am amazed at how well the hedges are protecting from the strong winds this week . Even the acers are doing well protected from the foliage on our neighbour’s trees, something not afforded in the winter.The tomatoes are doing well about to be pinched out – flowering well.

The lows: near total loss of cavello nero overnight ( slugs or rabbits ). I have sent for replacements as this kale is a mainstay in winter. The sweet peas were sourced late and struggling. Any sunflowers put out near walls have succumbed to snails. Those in other parts of the garden are doing well.

The chickens: got rid of the Blue Orpington cockerel to a new home . Reorganised and didn’t want a brood then hatching buff and blue mixtures of just cockerels like last year . Suddenly saw a local ad for Buff Orpington pullets. Then of course realised all old arks are in a state of disrepair. So my husband spent two days remaking one . By this time I had purchased two buffs and ( for the first time ) a rather striking grey maran x hybrid for winter eggs! All sorted and settled although the broody is not impressed being shut out all day as her duties are not required.

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