Grey Sky darkening -Evening Run

To run Is instinctive,The fresh air Coursing through; Finding energy Where first there is none;To tread the lanes As day is done;Though tired, to feel renewed,Spurred on by the towering clouds behind, The wind coursing in the pines Grey sky darkening Squeezing out the light; The onset of a stormy night.Yet invigorated, energised,With wind inContinue reading “Grey Sky darkening -Evening Run”

Technical review

New Sauncony Triumph 17 trainers seem responsive and stabilising. PWRFLEX+foam cushions the ride (hopefully to save the knees) and seems smooth. They are lighter than they look and airy too. As a result The stride is lengthened. Grip is good. Lucky to get them in a 45% sale. I go through trainers so quickly. (TheseContinue reading “Technical review”