Technical review

8km around the local area in new shoes- Lincombe Westleigh, Beenleigh. Kept a constant speed and near- enough flattened out the time on the hills ( of which there are several on this route ). Short and steep inclines were easy. The long slow climb was more steady at 6km point.

New Sauncony Triumph 17 trainers seem responsive and stabilising. PWRFLEX+foam cushions the ride (hopefully to save the knees) and seems smooth. They are lighter than they look and airy too. As a result The stride is lengthened. Grip is good. Lucky to get them in a 45% sale. I go through trainers so quickly. (These guarantee 400 miles – we’ll see).

Most of this season I’ve used the Salomon Speed Cross 5 trail running shoes as the roads are rough and often I’m running on tracks and grass. They are great- fast but hard and so the knees suffer. They took a while to wear in: they are cut high and graze the ankle bone. Even so I have persevered with them and they cover ground well up to 10km. They have been my preferred shoe when roads are wet and slippery. Negatives – they are my heaviest shoe.

Hopefully a change of shoe will add comfort over the summer which is when I tend to get longer runs in more frequently as time allows.They are a neutral shoe and balance seemed good.If true to reviews they will perform well . I did knock a few minutes overall today due to a longer balanced stride . The first three Km were consistently around the 7 min range.

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