Needing to run

I needed to run too: this week has been monumental . Firstly, the stress of clearing my Father’s house has begun. From his care home, he phones often and more often on who is collecting what, when and how. So my brother and I meet to decide. This week I had to collect furniture and artefacts . That meant hiring a van – a task itself. Next we had to reconfigure our house in order to accommodate things. Therefore I am in the swing of clearing out and reducing our home too. The stress is evident ( with so much to do) but cleansing and liberating to declutter. I am determined to continue just like I have tried to declutter my life and slow down.

Suddenly, I have lost that destressed state which I had acquired through lockdown. Tonight I was in need of a run ( with all going on I have missed four days). And so in the lane on a steady 6km it felt redemptive to release the tiredness of endless cleaning and clearing,placating ,justifying, defending which I have had to do this week .

Oh for the love of running (which was ultimately very slow as a teenager sped past me ) whilst I was lost in thought.

That lane earned its name as The Thinking Lane long ago -and for good reason.

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