Dartmoor Adventures -Blue and Me

Early run from Lady Wood to Owley Gate towards Glaston Corner. Thunder on the edge of the moor and another cloud rising on the skyline so decided to keep to the edge. Some lovely views and total solitude apart from the start when the fox hounds passed us in the car park . Blue was such a good dog going through the field of them. Once out we were on our own. 6km.

2 thoughts on “Dartmoor Adventures -Blue and Me

  1. Looks a great way to start the day! In the late 1960s my parents bought a disused stone barn on the edge of Dartmoor (the nearest town being Buckfastleigh). We would drive there from London and spend stretches of the summer there. I remember the building being so dilapidated that we merely pitched our tents inside on the concrete floor! Great times playing in the streams, making bows and arrows and exploring. xo

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