Frost at Dawn

Uncertain,That time between shaded Dawn and morning, Nature, In frailty of perfection; Earth lays down on frosted ground Stillness and clarity To seduce the mind On distant viewsJust out of bounds Though view,restriction cannot hold Unchained It serves to sate the soul;Transient it embracesEphemeral white and laced Before transfigured it Resumes its green stained hue.Continue reading “Frost at Dawn”

Ghost routes

A narrow length of grey Disappears into blackBetween high hedges Well aligned.Ferns are archedWith secrets heldIn spectral stillness.A Breath of windCastselicit conversationsBetween the leaves,Murmurs Of time forgottenyearsBy long gone travellersWhose spectres linger thereAbove the moss And creeping ivy That twists around The gnarled trunks of trees.Haunting stillnessEnvelopes all and Takes me in to feelAnd breatheContinue reading “Ghost routes”