As Summer Evenings slip into Night

The heat of the day dissipates To a heady mix of scent And enveloping blanket Of stillness Of creeping dampAs beads of dew form on the lawn;An owl hoots somewhere in the valleyThe answer not givenThe air hangs close tickling the cheek;Dry leaves break the silenceFalling to the groundFrom the oak, eager to shed itsContinue reading “As Summer Evenings slip into Night”


Rippled the line of a contour meets the skyDraws red to black, a thread of contrast in defining clarity Binding the heavens to the earth.Beside the fence those bovine forms Contemplative in reverential poseSynchronise the sweetened breathThat softly steams from their Swelling framesJoining the outlineBinding the heavens to the earth. Quiet their presence thereAnd quietContinue reading “Evening”

Squally March Afternoon

A rush of air sucks breathFrom the lungsThe stride shortens Head lowers I dig deepPeppered by bullets Of shrapnel as hailStings the faceAnd skimsThe tops of the hedgesAnd turn intoThe sunken lane Where primroses hide Like Porcelain tea cupsOn rattling shelvesAnd acid celandineStands askewWith bent petals Made ragged by last night’s Storm Not yet spentVioletsContinue reading “Squally March Afternoon”

Subtle Change

Tightly wrapped From sight AmidstA world preoccupied Beneath leaden skies and rainA sense of stealth prevails In the darknessAcross a slightly lengthened dayA stirring The pallid canvas is being alteredWith strokes of greenA snowdrop carpet covers the soilSmudge of yellow stain marks early daffodilsSubtlety in detail There was no announcement made.Not fully light And theContinue reading “Subtle Change”