Night Watch Privilege

Night Through hours past midnightStretches timeUnusually dark and moonless The air holds its breathThrough drawn fingers of spent wind Total silence is layeredLike black is to whiteTo the stillnessThe ticking of the watchPulsation synchronised To heartbeatThe breath of the cows slow and warmThe distant horn of the lighthouse 25 miles outStrangeness its rhythmThese things whichContinue reading “Night Watch Privilege”

Of Watchful Eyes

When I look across at Southwestern hillsThe sky is drawn- A grey line against white;A seam to divide and conquer;Furtive, are the calls of woodland birds That signal premature erasure of light;Here the winding woodland path Descends through dense and deepening foliageOf covert growth In near darknessThe grass here still wet;A heavy earthinessCloaks the airContinue reading “Of Watchful Eyes”

Day to Night- from the Window

With stealth the darkness creepsAnd seals the dayWith hardly a difference of Day from night;Ink black rooksFrom their roost Take flight,Circle, then return to theSame bare branchesSilhouetted againstThe soot grey sky;Wintery sleetFalls;The cold seepsThrough every gap;Even the log fireStruggles in the grate; There is no wind Just empty blackness.