Finding Meaning

Impossible taskStretched across the tableIn a ball of woolBound by lack of skillAnd diminishing hope A fragmented memory serves to teasePockets of knowledge outWhich below the cortex sit(Like the cat from under the bed) Just out of viewEffort and frustration combine To hit a wall of blackAnd whiteThe instructions on the pageFade and blurBefore myContinue reading “Finding Meaning”

Darkness to Light

The haunting melodic sound of A canticle sungNotes Travel across the waves of air Stirring memoriesPermeating like water Drip through the soulWith the freshness Of youth Gone are the days of Choral songBlown out like a match To years pastWhat freedoms lostAmidst pursuit to contain? To survive in the darknessWe tread through the nightIncandescence isContinue reading “Darkness to Light”

Soar on Eagle’s Wing

Soar on the eagle’s wing Take flight To where all freedom’s won Where those winged squadronsOf the skyIn abeyance keep all enemies aloftHold fast to the things of truthAnd steer a pathNavigate by stars that trace in threads across the broken skiesBehold the beauty shown in Ribbons of effervescent lightColours move in flowing equilibrium JourneyContinue reading “Soar on Eagle’s Wing”

Frost at Dawn

Uncertain,That time between shaded Dawn and morning, Nature, In frailty of perfection; Earth lays down on frosted ground Stillness and clarity To seduce the mind On distant viewsJust out of bounds Though view,restriction cannot hold Unchained It serves to sate the soul;Transient it embracesEphemeral white and laced Before transfigured it Resumes its green stained hue.Continue reading “Frost at Dawn”

Winter walk

A pale wintery light floods the bare furrowsAs earth drops her mantle Laid bare to North Eastern windsDark fingered branches Frame the scene And steal the unexpected glow Locking secrets beneath their bowsProtection offeredIn elemental fusionAs dry pine needles crunch beneath our bootsWe skim the forest edgeDeliberately To keep the light And security of forestContinue reading “Winter walk”

Dream like a child

I dream of clouds – Those castles in the sky;Wide open spaces and sloping meadowsRich with summer flowersOf a picnic beside a babbling brookOf painted landscapes – pastoral scenesI dream of looking up into the endless blueAt the vapour trail of a jet up highI want to dream like a childBecause to dream is toContinue reading “Dream like a child”