Darkness to Light

The haunting melodic sound of  
A canticle sung
Travel across the waves of air
Stirring memories
Permeating like water
Drip through the soul
With the freshness
Of youth
Gone are the days of
Choral song
Blown out like a match
To years past
What freedoms lost
Amidst pursuit to contain?
To survive in the darkness
We tread through the night
Incandescence is there
For we’ve come this far
But the journey is long
And we are paying the price
Like one once paid
On a road to a cross.

Baleful are the sounds behind
Lamenting sorrows
In anguish lie
Spring Equinox
A seasonal change
The end of winter
Lengthened days
On this Goldilocks planet
A cast off of sloth
Like leaves unfurled
Embracing the light.

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