Islands of existence

Like an island chain-An archipelagoAre we islands of existence?Do our minds separate- Compartmentalise?Hold onto secrets of the past Sailing to when we’re adrift?Memories we return toLike favoured holidays past?Ferry crossings back and forthUntil we leave for good?Or strands we take with us on our journey;Connections, patterns,identities Drawn through time and spaceThreads of gossamer tracing theContinue reading “Islands of existence”

We Live with Dreams

We live with dreamsWhen hopes are raisedAnd lines are changed Excitement loomsEverything is brightColours shineAnd energised and boldLife feels good.All it takes-A hidden agendaNot what it seems Tables are turnedWarnings givenA realisationDisappointmentTries to overwhelmTo bring us down Seeking to undermine Confidence dwindlesCheatedDeflated We feel lost. A new dayNew horizonA new goalThere’s always choiceTo turn itContinue reading “We Live with Dreams”

Running in the Slow Lane

Running with the pace of life is fast Journeys taken without concern or care Words used and carelessly abandoned Targets and deadlines replaced there. Among the burgeoning piles of file-paper The overflowing nature of our lives Where mindfulness becomes one extra chore And our mental well-being’s in demise. Did it really take a global situationContinue reading “Running in the Slow Lane”