Cows creating a perfect outline
Rippled the line of a contour meets the sky
Draws red to black, a thread of contrast in defining clarity
Binding the heavens to the earth.

Beside the fence those bovine forms
Contemplative in reverential pose
Synchronise the sweetened breath
That softly steams from their
Swelling frames
Joining the outline
Binding the heavens to the earth.

Quiet their presence there
And quiet our presence too.

To that
Familiar is the view but one we rarely
In favour of our preoccupation
Behind the walls
Habitual in routine

The heat of the day is given up
In dissipating dust
Of orange glow
Binding the heavens to the earth

The crescent moon
And the evening star are lifted in celestial stance
Perfected in alignment

And the eye is feigned to touch the edge
Of heaven
As dew is drawn through the stems
Beneath our feet.

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