Ghost routes

A narrow length of grey Disappears into blackBetween high hedges Well aligned.Ferns are archedWith secrets heldIn spectral stillness.A Breath of windCastselicit conversationsBetween the leaves,Murmurs Of time forgottenyearsBy long gone travellersWhose spectres linger thereAbove the moss And creeping ivy That twists around The gnarled trunks of trees.Haunting stillnessEnvelopes all and Takes me in to feelAnd breatheContinue reading “Ghost routes”

The Slapton Line

Long sweeping curve of the bay Thread of yellow Meets mist And foreboding cloudDisappearing into a charcoal sky. Whipped up waves Churn against the shoreline;Light plays on the ever changing surface Of indigo and grey;A constant movement of the beast A heaving mass of rolling waveSurges and falls;Hides the creatures that live beneath its surface.NoContinue reading “The Slapton Line”