A Walk on the Edge of Moor around Haytor Vale

Sunken lanes 
Protection given
Strength of trees
Anchored and firm
Roar of the wind
High above
Scurrying clouds
The Sun chasers
Curtained rain
A rainbow sheen

Primeval ferns
Olfactory senses
Of woodland spores
Drenched in moorland
Spongy moss
To marbled granite
Quartz and feldspar
Flecked with mica
Strength imbued.

Babbling brook
Gurgling stream
Ancient crossing
Dry stone walls
And drover tracks
Hidden from view
Fan like veins
At moorland edge
Hold secrets
Deep in valley floor
And rise through gates
To lush green grass
Bracken deep
With gorse and heather
Open skies
And granite tors
Wild and free.

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