Only the bat is nebular
Their streaming shadows play the remaking of a light show;
Serotine ,
Pippestrelle or Horseshoe
Forms identified by ear or fur
Personified in mystery in
Soft bodied perpetual motion
With a fleeting glimpse
A powdered spectre;
At dawn or dusk.
Yet through the night
The shadows play against the glass
In liminal motion
Retreating and oscillating
Back and forth
A mesmerising display
If I should stay awake to see.

We found her under our bed!

We have always had bats in the roof. Last year they moved around to just above our window , most probably a nursery roost .They are here again this July . There are more than ten of them and are beautiful to watch as they fly before nightfall.

One came in the other night through the window.

70 years

Just what has happened through 70 years-
Just what has changed?
Yet what stands out clear
Shown at the party in the Mall

The pictures on a house
The pictures of a life
For one who has given much
For one who leads with love
Our Queen through 70 years
Constant through our fears
Consistency in action
A life with driven purpose
A life of faith with service

We celebrate in style
In a way our country can
A nation drawn together
A moment of rejoicing
In poignant recognition
Carnival and whooping
National pride and affection
Flags and decoration
For seventy glorious years.