Sonnet – For the Turn of the Year

For the turn of the year,the time is nigh;
The earth on its axis will spin its course
Amidst a storm deluge out of the sky;
The raging flood rivers running full force.
Sheep hug the hedge at the edge of the field;
The gale so relentless,branches are bowed;
Nature is silenced its armour to wield;
The ground is sodden where the huntsmen rode.
Day turns to night with darkness secluding;
Lanes are deep flooded, vehicles are strewn
Still it rains on all routes occluding;
Lights of the cottage replacing the moon.
Flames in the firelight thoughts quietly revered
And so we’ll ring in the bells of New Year.

A Winter Tale

She sees you as you are 
through a misted lens
of winter
Through a torment of sadness
like spun shards of ice
As the darkness holds the earth
Before the ferns unfurl
The nodding snowdrop heads
Bow in reverence and poise.

While nature holds the beauty
A stain is etched upon her earth
The world is wrought with sadness
The winter days are short
Procurement is lengthened
Thwart with promises unmet
Though that nothing halts
The moon or the turning tide
The planets and the stars
Intricately aligned.

From Night to This

So often awake at 4am to which I pen a few lines in the darkness – watching , always watching as the eye becomes accustomed to the dark . It is only then that I realise that dark has many forms and colours . Night vision is so depleted in us of the modern world. To watch from then until dawn can be a magical time.

Stripped back to black and white
Gone is the west wind
Engulfed in a monochrome veil
Beyond the rectangle of light.

A black line in the steely grey
Strong is the moorland ridge
A changing etching palette
As the hours stretch on to day.

Sure as rhythms in turn unfold
Clarity of early frost
Draw shapes and forms into focus
Sun lit rays, a thread of gold.