Sunny Days in the Garden

Starting early is key to getting as much done before the strength of the sun. Watering the cold frame is a must and all the pots. Yesterday, broad beans had yellowed and I thought over night what to do. I had dug compost in over winter, used general purpose fertiliser before planting. Broad bean- normallyContinue reading “Sunny Days in the Garden”

The Ridgeway Road

When I ran along this route the other evening, it’s comparable length and straightness challenged in a different way from the tiny lanes. As ever, I’m lost in thought and invariably think back. This was the evening exploring local history- something I wanted to do with the written notes I have to hand. Local friendsContinue reading “The Ridgeway Road”

Survival of the Fittest

Might just rethink how I feel. The pond is for frogs who eat slugs and snails, and for newts and dragonflies. Then I see a grass snake swim across. I’ve not seen my last goldfish ( one which stayed black and avoided the 40 or so which went to the heron). I guess I knowContinue reading “Survival of the Fittest”

History running in the Slow lanes

Diptford is the village name, though Saxon in origin, it has been spelt in various ways: Dupaforda- Deepeford. It is most likely that the little stream which I crossed on the road near Crabadon is where the name arises from, not down on the Avon ( Avon means river and that is a Celtic word).Continue reading “History running in the Slow lanes”

South Devon Banks in May

Written this morning to catch the beauty before it is gone. Elevated in tiered position, Ephemeral clouds of white froth of Cow Parsley Drift above slender stems; Elegant Queen Anne’s Lace In vogue and favoured. The Violet velvet of Bluebells Fades gracefully beneath; Statuesque monarch To central orb. Sparkling woodland celebrities- Fluted rubies of RedContinue reading “South Devon Banks in May”