To Swim in Wild Water

Where boulders meet waterAnd ripples castAmidst bubbles and shimmering Reflections that imprint On the mind That is cleared both free and alertEye level with natureSynchronised the breathEach stroke made deliberate To match with the speed Of the current which steersThe thread of the river At one With the force that surroundsGaining equilibrium holding the groundAContinue reading “To Swim in Wild Water”

Wild Swimming x2 in two days

Cracking the mirrored surface Breaks the pictureTransiently; Breath sharpened,Mind focused- Drawn eye -level with nature Drawn to wonder To gaze upwards;The canopy of treesPlays The shaft of light;Damsel flies dance on the surfaceJewel dots of colour, Ripples in the water Pushing upstream For yardsSlow and rhythmic,Breath and stroke synchronisedUntil we are at one with natureMesmerisedContinue reading “Wild Swimming x2 in two days”

Fog – changing states

Creeping somewhere between Day and Night Clarity obscured but Strangely visible Sound there But audibly differentSenses dulled and cloudedSharpened by drips off treesBent stems flopped forwardFlower over flowerPetals strewn confetti On sodden grassAn absence of birdsGives way to a feeling of emptinessChanging states One path crosses another But the end cannot be seen.