Interval timing

I tried this : 2000m in 14 mins ;1000m in 8mins :800 M in 6mins and 500M in 5mins .In the rest after 2 Km I was level with the field where I saw 6 hares two days ago . I could see heads and ears which looked taller . Carefully, I climbed the gate : two roe deer grazing . Slowly, I walked along the perimeter until I was almost drawn level . Two hares were with the deer. The start of rain must have hidden the scent as I got so close. Typically, I was without my phone . When the deer saw me they moved with such leaps and bounds which was utterly amazing and made nothing of the jump over barbed wire into the woodland of the valley . The hares went several directions before deciding to follow suit. By now it was raining steadily . But what did I care – that was brilliant.

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