Hidden Secrets

All is calm below 
The soughing trees above 
Protect this hidden space 
The depths I've learnt to love.
Richness in these lanes
Hold such secret there,
A hidden wealth of nature 
Makes me linger there. 

Echoes in the wind; 
Gentleness beneath the trees ;
Vibrancy beheld;
The beauty of the leaves. 

Pastel shades of green 
Whispered feathers blown.
Muted creatures stirred
The lane gives up its throne.
The secret lives it holds 
Twisted stories it could tell
of folk who walked its path
This lane I know so well. 

One thought on “Hidden Secrets

  1. Love this and have often wondered what the trees might be thinking. Your poem also stirred an image for me I’d like to share with you. “Twisted tales” reminded me of Sedona AZ, where there are said to be several energy vortexes close together and that the Joshua trees actually twist in the direction they swirl

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